Bakelite (sometimes spelled Baekelite) is a combination of phenol, formaldehyde, and wood flour. The mixture is put under pressure, and after curing, a hard plastic material forms.
* Bakelite 3021:also called Paper-based phenolic laminated sheet,is consists of impregnated paper dipped in resin by baking and hot pressing.3021 is the most commonly sen laminates,as well as having the widest applications and largest usage.
* Bakelite 3025:also called Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet is consists of cotton cloth dipped in phenolic resin by baking hot pressing.3025 is manufactured by modified phenolic resin as binder and pure cotton fabric as reinforcement.They have exceptionally good heat resistance and will not creep under high temperature conditions.
B.Bakelite Sheet / rod features
* Excellent physical,mechanical and dielectric properties
* Withstand all kinds of machining
* Surface smooth, no bubbles, hemp eye and impurities
* Edges cutting tidiness, Surface without delamination and crack

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